Google just began distributing the September 2022 security update to its Pixel devices. The Pixel 6a was one smartphone that was slated to receive it but wasn’t included. Google required more time to get it, but it arrived quickly. The Pixel 6a also get Android now rolling out in September 2022.

THE PIXEL 6A WILL BE GETTING THE SEPTEMBER 2022 ANDROID UPDATE. This update is now being applied globally to the phone. In case you were curious, this update will raise the build number to TP1A.220905.004.A2. But this update is more than just a security one.

The anomalous battery drain that certain devices have been experiencing is also fixed, along with the security patches that it brings. This was brought on by some background launcher actions, but Google appears to have rectified it.

Advertisement In addition, Google fixed the bug that made alerts on the lock screen appear shortened. It should also put an end to any problems you may have been having with the fingerprint scanner.

THE FINGERPRINT SCANNER SHOULD BE IMPROVED BY THIS UPDATE. It would work if Google only imported the fingerprint scanner fixes from the Android 13 QPR1. Let’s hope the September 2022 update has the same set of enhancements since that build actually did make the fingerprint scanner better.

This update is being sent gradually via OTA (Over-The-Air), as is customary. It could arrive today or it could take a week or two; it all depends. Once the update is available, the phone will notify you, but you may also manually check in the Settings.

Advertisement The Pixel 6a received this update quickly from Google, but it was not made available at the same time as the other Pixel phones. Let’s hope that won’t happen moving forward. It has also happened before; the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which use Tensor technology, are examples of this.


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