The most current OnePlus 10T broke like a twig in a durability test, however the Pixel 6a has survived Zack Nelsons (also known as JerryRigEverything) torturous smartphone tests ) with little damage.

Nelsons renowned durability tests pinpoint potential problem areas, and in the case of the Pixel 6a, the issues are blatantly apparent. That’s not to imply it does poorly; just the contrary. Given that it costs $449, this smartphone performs remarkably well. Given that there are several significant component downgrades to assist keep that cost in check, it passes this extreme stress test in many ways.

Nelsons’ series of tests stresses a smartphone in ways you probably won’t, even though we don’t want to see it put through its paces with a razor or a lighter. When a level six Mohs pick is used, the Pixel 6as Gorilla Glass 3 screen scratches pretty noticeably during the durability test. Overall, that isn’t too bad considering that the Pixel 6a’s glass technology, as Nelson even mentions, is currently almost a decade old.

This time, Nelson even checked to see if the under-display fingerprint still worked after being scratched. Even after making severe scratches with the level 7 Mohs pick, it still recognizes his handprint. From replacing the in-display scanner used by the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which many have criticized since launch, Google has come a long way.

When a razor blade is used, the plastic back panel sustains the majority of the damage. This may sound like overkill, but if you drop your Pixel 6a while carrying some keys in your pocket, you could also get some truly epic artwork to show for it .

The confirmation that the side rails are made of metal is interesting because it represents a significant improvement for the rest of the world. Despite having a metal chassis, the Pixel 5a was only offered in the US and Japan. However, the plastic volume rocker and power button may be vulnerable to chips.

The Pixel 6a passes the final bend durability test with flying colors. Even though it is made of less expensive materials, the 6A withstands Nelson’s palms’ wrath with little flex, no cracks, warping, or significant damage. If you accidentally drop your iPhone while removing the screen protector, you might be surprised to learn that it is a little more resilient than you thought.

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