With the handy Magic Eraser tool that comes with every Pixel 6, you can get rid of unwanted photo bombers and artifacts from your pictures. The remarkable Magic Eraser feature of the Pixel 6 series is now being highlighted in the most recent Google advertisement.

The brief 50-second advertisement, titled “Google Pixel presents Magic Eraser,” which is airing in the UK and viewable on the official Google UK YouTube channel , demonstrates how simple it is to rapidly edit and enhance daily images taken with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

In the advertisement, joggers, clouds, traffic cones, abstract floating pylons, and road signs are highlighted and shown to be erased from the screen while family photos are featured as a typical application for Magic Eraser. The video concludes with a set-piece that contrasts the before and after images of a family relaxing in a park with all the trespassers removed:

Everywhere you turn, there is a potential obstacle to a flawless photograph, such as a careless photobomber, a fussy seagull, or an obtrusive pylon ruining a picturesque scene.

The Google Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser is a wand that can transport users to a magical world.
It makes expert photographic editing accessible to everyone and gives you the creative freedom to only eliminate distractions. Tap, circle, and voilà.

Google is not the first to offer such a feature, but with this advertisement, it is evident that Google is trying to set itself apart from other OEMs by highlighting Magic Eraser as a feature that can improve your smartphone camera experience without flashy promises and specifications.

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