Apart from a dark tone in September, Google no longer allows users to set reminders at specific locations, and Assistant reminders are rarely updated.

Setting reminders is a regular action individuals take while using voice assistants. The formal name of the system that comes with Assistant is Google Reminders, and it may be found at assistant.google.com/reminders . You’ve long had the option to include a place for reminders in addition to a date and time, for example, Remind me to buy milk at Costco.

The following blue banner is visible while accessing that page right now (Google app andgt; tap account avatar andgt; Reminders):
Soon, you won’t be able to set reminders in certain places.
Find out more about substitutes

People started making this change today, and the removal is actually somewhat unexpected considering that it’s a typical Assistant activity. The support article Google links to just marginally extends and appears to recommend Assistant Routines as a substitute. It’s perplexing and a little difficult to understand the reasoning behind that advice, especially given that Google Keep provides location reminders.

Important: Soon, you won’t be able to set reminders for specific locations. Reminders can still be set up for set routines for a location and a specific time.

Google Assistant location reminders
Google Assistant location reminders

The technology that powers Assistant reminders has traditionally been very simple, hence its elimination. Voice interactions are good, but Android’s list UI for viewing things is really terrible. There is no doubt that everything feels and looks rushed. In fact, the new dark tone makes it impossible to read the banner informing users that Google Assistant’s location reminders are being discontinued.

On the same support page, it is also stated that starting in 2019, it will no longer be possible to assign someone a reminder. The business is still at work today and has not given a date for either removal.

If there is a silver lining to today, it may be that Google is cleaning house in preparation for the Assistant Memory feature that we first saw in development last year. We discovered that it speeds up Android reminders and storing.

Google Assistant Memory

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