Last year, Google announced Android 12 with its Material You design language. The business has been striving to update Android and other properties to reflect this while doing so, but they are not the only ones. Additionally, third-party businesses are updating their apps and icon sets. According to Android Police , WhatsApp is the upcoming third-party application to introduce a customized symbol for Material You.

Google began developing app icons that would be tinted to fit the system’s color palette as we were monitoring the news for Android 12. Since then, we’ve been anticipating that other businesses will use these themed icons, which go with the color scheme, for their apps.

WhatsApp is the most recent app to follow suit after LinkedIn, Reddit, and Bundled Notes all gave us customized icons. This new themed symbol features the flat, monotone WhatsApp logo against a vibrant background, as you might anticipate. The chosen color scheme will alter that background.

Advertisement Activating themed icons and altering their color It’s really simple to view the WhatsApp-themed symbol and other features. First, a Google Pixel phone running Android 12 or later is required (Pixel 3 or later). If you get the chance to get Android 13, you should do so. It recently launched.

A little menu will appear if you continue to hold down your finger on an empty area of the home screen. The Wallpaper and Style button should be tapped. You’ll be directed to a screen where you can customize your system’s colors and wallpaper. You’ll see some possibilities if you scroll to the bottom.

Android theme cust 1

“Android theme cust 1, alt

Near the bottom, there is a selection called Themed icons. To turn it on, tap the switch. You’ll notice that the icons change to their themed style when you do that.

Advertisement You’ll see the option to modify the software’s color scheme directly beneath the wallpaper preview. You can choose from a variety of color palettes to use with the software (4 options on Android 12 and 16 options on Android 13). Simply tap on the desired selection, and the system will adjust itself.

Android theme cust 2,

Android theme cust 2


The color scheme will vary if you change the assigned wallpaper because all of these colors are dependent on it. To change your wallpaper, tap on the Change wallpaper button located directly beneath the wallpaper preview.



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