YouTube is benefiting from the upheaval, while Amazon-owned Twitch has been struggling a little as a result of recent contentious platform changes. YouTube revealed this week that it is trying Membership Gifting, a function akin to what Twitch does.

Membership Gifting, which is described in a community post , is currently accessible on YouTube, but to a very limited extent. According to YouTube, the functionality will initially be accessible to a restricted number of artists before becoming more widely available in the upcoming months. Creators can indicate to YouTube through a form their interest in the functionality.

What does YouTube Membership Gifting entail? On a livestream, channel members can purchase up to 20 gift memberships for other viewers. Those who receive the gift have access to loyalty badges, personalized emoji, and other channel membership advantages for one month. Gifts are given freely, and creators are compensated in the same way as they would with a typical channel membership.

Users also need to opt in in order to be eligible for gifts at this time, and Membership Gifting is currently only available on the desktop website experience for YouTube users. Gift memberships for YouTube are automatically distributed based on consistent, engaged users. Existing channel members are also unable to accept gifts.

Through Gift Subscriptions , Twitch provides comparable features. These may be distributed randomly to up to 100 viewers or to particular viewers.

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