A new Roku Express (2022) and a wireless subwoofer called the Roku Wireless Bass were just introduced by Roku.

First, let’s discuss the Roku Express. Their newest inexpensive streamer is $29.99. This makes it more affordable than the majority of Fire TV sticks and Google Chromecasts for Google TV. However, there is a drawback, and that is the absence of 4K HDR.

Roku asserts that it offers an HD streaming experience that is quick and seamless. Due to the dual-band WiFi that is now there, you will experience buffer-free streaming that is superior. In addition, Roku includes a basic remote with just the buttons needed for streaming and shortcuts to well-known channels. Netflix, Disney, Apple TV, and Paramount are all included in this.

Advertisement In the middle of October, it will be ready to ship.

THE ROKU WIFI BASSS You may upgrade your set up with the wireless subwoofer Roku Wireless Bass. Those looking to improve their sound system on a budget will find it to be a wonderful enhancement. It will cost $129 and become available on November 7. On November 7, there will also be a $249 package with the Roku Streambar and the Wireless Bass.

You may put the Wireless Bass wherever in the room as long as it isn’t more than 30 feet from the TV. The setup process is made simple by Roku, as is the case with all of their other devices. Rumbling low will enable you to enhance your entertainment. This powerful bass will breathe new life into movies and television programs. giving you a home-theater-like experience.

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Roku also unveiled OS 11.5 at this point. With this update, the streaming experience prioritizes usability and content exploration. A platform-wide Save List and the option to continue watching in the What to Watch area are just two of the new features in Roku OS 11.5 that are available. With the advent of Visual Search Results, search results have also been improved. plus a lot more. The release of this upgrade is scheduled over the upcoming weeks.


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