Today was a huge day for CD Projekt Red because they revealed a brand-new Cyberpunk 2077 expansion that will be available on GeForce NOW and Stadia. Therefore, when it debuts in 2023, you’ll be able to stream the game’s expansion through any service. Naturally, you must own the game through Steam or GOG if you plan to stream on GeForce NOW. Given that GeForce NOW doesn’t actually release its own game releases.

In contrast, in order to use Stadia, you must have the Stadia version. However, this is nothing new. And you already knew this if you’ve been a Stadia subscription for a while. The expansion’s official release date has not yet been specified by CD Projekt Red. There is no specific date other than 2023. However, the studio did mention that it intends to release the game as soon as possible during the livestream on Twitch. So possibly a release in the first half of the year is what CDPR is aiming for. possibly sooner. Fans may hope, at least.

IT SHOULD BE ON STADA THE SAME DAY AS PC AND CONSOLE FOR THE CYBERPUNK 2077 EXPANSION. The Stadia version of the game was launched alongside other platforms when it was first released, on par with other platforms. Players on Stadia therefore had access at the exact same moment as those on PCs and gaming consoles. Although it hasn’t been acknowledged, it makes sense that CDPR will follow the same procedure for the forthcoming expansion.

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Enjoy the new content in Patch 1.6 today. It will take some time until 2023, and since the expansion might not happen until later in the year, it might take much longer. In order to buy some time, CDPR today published patch 1.6 for Cyberpunk 2077, which adds a ton of brand-new content for gamers. This includes a joint event with the upcoming anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which will premiere on Netflix this month and is based on the game.

A few additional missions are introduced through this partnership. So, choom, you might want to return to Night City and check those out. New weaponry may be obtained, a cute cat named Nibbles can be added to all of your photos taken in photo mode, and, best of all, cross-progression. Although it doesn’t appear that this feature is compatible with Stadia. Since CDPR pushed the 1.6 update earlier this morning immediately following the stream, all of the playable content is now accessible. If you want to know every last detail, you can also read the complete patch notes on the update here .


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