The New York Times Crossword app for Android and iOS is coming to the recently popular word puzzle game Wordle. It expands on NYT’s wide range of guessing and puzzle games, which already includes The Mini, The Crossword, and Spelling Bee on the app. On the web, it may still be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. Additionally, Wordle may be used within the NYT news app.

This change occurred just over a month after NYT fixed one of the most important Wordle problems. The business introduced support for streak and stat syncing across devices. To sync your gaming data between devices, you must either sign in with an existing free or paid NYT account or create a new one. Wordle streaks used to be device-specific.

By logging in with the same account, you can transfer your Wordle streaks and statistics to The New York Times Crossword app or the news app. You’ll be able to continue where you left off on any device thanks to this.

Advertisement The New York Times keeps working to improve Wordle’s usability. Wordle made its debut in October of last year and spread like wildfire all over the world. Many people developed a daily infatuation with the addictive game, which you can only play once each day. In January of this year, Josh Wardle, the game’s designer, sold it to NYT. Since then, the organization has concentrated on enhancing the user experience.

The NYT transferred Wordle from the original website to its own shortly after the purchase. Then, cross-device streak and stat synchronization was added. The business is getting ready to release Wordle as a traditional board game in October. NYT is collaborating with Hasbro on a game called Wordle: The Party Game. Pre-orders for the next physical game are currently being taken. Meanwhile, NYT is including it in The New York Times Crossword app to make the online version more accessible.

More individuals are turning to Wordle as a result of these user experience enhancements. By the end of July 2022, 10% of all active players worldwide will have played 145 or more Wordle games, according to the New York Times. Of course, the business gains from this ubiquity. It was recently revealed that Wordle helped the Additional York Times get tens of millions of new customers.

Advertisement The New York Times Crossword app includes a number of additional engrossing games in addition to Wordle. The app offers the three games stated above: The Mini, The Crossword, and Spelling Bee. However, it also offers online games like Sudoku, Vertex, and Tiles. To get the app from the Google Play Store, click the button below.


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