A idea for a headband that enables users to control digital gadgets with their brains has been developed by a group of Xiaomi engineers . The idea won the third annual online hackathon held by the company.

Human contact with digital technologies is changing in pattern. The buttons on early phones were large. The touchscreen later took the place of those buttons. And nowadays, a lot of people never even touch their phones and instead use voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to give requests. However, Xiaomi experts think that soon you might be able to use your head to operate your gadget.

The MiGu Headband is a device that can convert brainwaves into precise commands. Of course, Xiaomi is not working on the MiGu Headband, which is still a prototype. But given how far technology is progressing, we might see the MiGu Headband in the Xiaomi lineup in the future.

Advertisement AIMING TO REVOLUTIONIZE HUMAN CONTACT WITH DIGITAL DEVICES, XIAOMI MIGU HEADBAND The MiGu Headband reads and translates brainwaves using electroencephalogram technology. The headband can, according to its designers, measure brain waves at three different locations and then analyze the information using software. Ultimately, by mapping the EEG waveforms and applying machine learning, brain waves can be converted into orders. The headband may be used to operate Xiaomi’s smart home gadgets or even to monitor user weariness, according to the developer group.

The MiGu Headband’s concept seems ground-breaking. But who wants to wear a headband to give commands to electronic devices? The same is already being done by voice assistants. Of course, anyone with Aphasia and mobility issues might benefit greatly from this headband.

A team of inventive engineers created the Xiaomi MiGu Headband as a prototype, however the business is not currently working on it. However, by examining drivers’ brains and preventing them from nodding off while driving, its mind-reading technology can be used in a variety of ways to improve driver safety. A number of innovative products from Xiaomi, such as the Cyberdog and Mijia AR glasses, are presently only available as prototypes.


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