You’ve just written the most interesting and educational tweet ever, and you want to share it with everyone. You can share your tweets with other platforms using the Twitter app for iOS, but what about Android? This feature has recently made it to Android, according to Twitter.

Social media platforms often offer a variety of ways for users to share their posts. You can, for example, copy the URL of the post or share it within the platform. You can transfer content straight to other platforms on some websites. This simplifies things if you frequently need to share your posts across other networks.

You may SHARING YOUR POST WITH OTHER PLATFORMS WITH TWITTER FOR ANDROID In case you were wondering, Twitter already has a function like this. So let’s be clear: only Android users are seeing this. For iOS users, this capability has already been available for some time. Android users can now participate in the game.

Twitter posted a tweet advertisement for this new Android function, via Engadget. The company stated in the tweet that Android users cannot directly publish their tweets as a Snapchat post or as an Instagram Story.

All you have to do is touch the share button after you’ve posted your tweet. The share menu for Android will then appear. When you do this, sharing options include Instagram and Snapchat. The clickable link you’ll post on the platforms will take users directly to your tweet, so you know it works as intended.

Previously, iOS users could post their tweets to those two sites, but now both iOS and Android users can share their tweets directly to LinkedIn. This will publish a post on the platform with a link to your Tweet.

Advertisement This feature ought to be accessible right now if you wish to utilize it. Check to see if your Twitter app is up to date if you can’t see the choice. Look for the Update button when you locate the program on the Google Play Store.


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