Google is getting ready to introduce a completely new method for switching from Apple’s iPhones to an Android handset. Heres your first glimpse at Googles Switch to Android app operating on an iPhone.

Update: All Android 12 devices, not just Pixels, are supported by Google’s Switch to Android app.

It’s simple to connect two Android devices together, either wirelessly or with a USB connection, to transfer all of your apps, contacts, messages, images, and other data without any hassle when switching from one device to another. In comparison, moving data from an iPhone to an Android device has not been as straightforward, requiring manual data restoration after backing up to Google Drive. With Android 12, things became a little bit simpler because you could transfer media, apps, and contacts—but only while using a Lightning connector.

On the other hand, Apple has provided a specific app for Android users for more than five years in an effort to make it as simple as possible for them to join Apple’s ecosystem. Back in July 2021, we mentioned that Google was developing a tool to assist new users in switching their next phones to Android.

Our team at APK Insight was able to learn that Switch to Android has now been soft-launched onto the App Store as an unlisted application. Previously, Apple only recently launched had only allowed access to this feature through a direct link.

We used that URL to successfully download and execute Switch to Android on an iPhone. The setup and restoration processes for Android are not yet ready for the availability of the Switch to Android apps, despite the fact that everything appears to be ready on the iOS side of things.

The program details exactly what it can transfer from your iPhone to your new Android phone on the first screen, including contacts, photographs, movies, and more.

As part of the setup and restoration process for your Android phone, the following step requires you to scan a QR code. However, the main idea is that your new Android phone would create a hotspot to which your iPhone would connect. Unfortunately, we were unable to access this setup sequence. Most of your crucial information would be delivered wirelessly once you’re connected.

The screenshots in the App Store page give us an idea of how this stage would look. We can toggle between Contacts, Calendar events, Photos, and Videos in them. There is a caution underneath these toggles explaining that only media stored locally on your iPhone will be transferred to your new Android device; data stored in your iCloud will be handled later.

To make sure that messages from your friends who still have iPhones are truly delivered via SMS rather than vanish into the iMessage ether, you are reminded to disable iMessage after the copying is finished. It’s time to request a transfer of your iCloud data into Google Drive or Google Photos as the last step in the Switch to Android procedure. The Start request button merely sends you to an iCloud support page where you can ask to have a copy of your data transferred by launching Safari there.

Update 4/19: Google has began making Switch to Android available to iPhone owners, progressively making the software widely available on the App Store, according to a statement provided to TechCrunch . Anyone interested may access the software right now through a direct link .

According to Google, the public rollout of the Switch to Android app started on Monday at around 6 PM PT. According to the business, 10% of users should be reached by the end of the day on Tuesday, April 19, and 100% should be reached during the following several weeks.

Of course, Switch to Android needs certain adjustments to the Android setup procedure, which are probably also being made today, in order to function.

Revision 4/28: Google is now actively advertising its Switch to Android app to prospective Pixel users, starting with a new tweet and continuing through a new landing page on the Android website. All indicators point to the fact that you should now be able to wirelessly or via a cable to transfer a significant amount of data from your old iPhone to a new Android phone. You can copy over the following in particular:

Contacts locally based pictures SMS, MMS, iMessage, and media history. History of media and messages on WhatsApp The Play Store also offers free applications. Individualized wallpaper DRM-free music Call records Alarms a few gadget settings

Update 6/29: Google is now allowing the software to move data from iPhone to any device on Android 12 or newer, after initially only marketing Switch to Android to potential Pixel purchasers. Even smartphones made with Android 12 Go edition that are on the more cheap end of the spectrum fall under this category.

Overall, switching to Android is a pleasantly simple process that makes leaving the walled garden of the iPhone ecosystem as simple as possible. When Google wants to make Switch to Android broadly available is currently unknown, but given how long Apple’s own Move to iOS app has been available in the Play Store, Google’s alternative is already coming years later than it ought to.

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