Unsurprisingly, there is a significant demand for wireless Android Auto, which makes Motorola’s dead simple MA1 dongle a challenging device to purchase. Where to find it in the US is listed here.

The Motorola MA1, which was first introduced at the beginning of the year, is a straightforward device that connects to the USB port in your car (if it is compatible with Android Auto) and links with your phone through Bluetooth. Once associated, your phone sees your car as a wireless Android Auto device, so you can use apps like Google Maps without having to plug in your phone to your infotainment system.

Up until recently, crowdfunded dongles with the similar features as AAWireless and Carsifi dominated this market. The Motorola MA1 differs most in that it is the first dongle to be approved by Google for use with wireless Android Auto, though that distinction may not yet be significant.

Even while wireless Android Auto has been around for a while, it hasn’t yet been installed in the majority of cars. As a result, there has been an unexpectedly large demand for these types of adapters. Because of the MA1’s high overall demand, its affordable $89.99 price point, and the Motorola brand, finding this attachment has proven to be rather difficult.

WHERE CAN I FIND A MOTOROLA MA1 The Motorola Sound firm has only ever sold the MA1 wireless Android Auto dongle through two retailers in the United States. Every time it has become available, the first listing at Amazon has sold out in a matter of hours. appeared at Amazon is also listed in a second listing with options purchased directly from Motorola Sound.

The Motorola MA1 showed up at Target as the second store, albeit it took a few days following delivery for the item to be shown as in stock. Best Buy , the most recent addition, merits investigation. Although inventory isn’t frequently accessible for delivery, we’ve verified that some establishments have inventory you may pick up.

Although we will make every effort to keep this page updated with the most recent information regarding where to purchase the Motorola MA1, supply are limited and tend to go quickly. Target sells out almost instantly, whereas Amazon seems to sell out more gradually, with stock remaining on the shelves for only a few hours. Having said that, if you can move quickly, Target might be your best option. You can sign up to receive notifications when the Motorola MA1 dongle becomes available for purchase by installing and logging into an account.

Update: The Motorola Sound MA1 was still available on Amazon as of early June 13, although with a different listing. Compared to past restocks of the MA1 dongle, which sold out in a matter of seconds or minutes, supplies remained for a few hours, which is an improvement.

Over the following weeks, I’ll be closely monitoring the availability at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon, and I’ll update this page every time it becomes available for purchase.

Amazon , 2 , and sold out Best Buy In some places, in-store pickup is possible. Sold out of AA3 READ MORE ABOUT ANDROID AUTO FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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