The Motorola G Stylus 5G (2022) debuted earlier this year and features various options to let you adjust the theme to your preferences. Android is a platform that enables you personalize your theme in many different ways, and it only got better with Android 12. There are many things you can do with the software, so here is a helpful how-to manual to assist you in customizing the theme. If you use the Moto Edge, this instruction manual ought still still be useful to you.

WALLPAPER CHANGE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MOTO G STYLUS 5G When changing your theme, you typically begin with the wallpaper. The quickest way to access your wallpaper settings is by keeping your finger pressed against an empty space on your home screen. There are two ways to do this. A small menu will appear, and one of the options will be Wallpaper.

You’ll see a page with four sections after tapping it: My Photos, Interactive Wallpapers, Styles, and Device Wallpapers. You can choose one of the wallpapers you have saved on your device and set it as your background using the first option.

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Moto Stylus Theme 6

“Moto Stylus Theme 6

The second has a collection of dynamic wallpapers. Some of them vary gradually throughout the day while others perform animations as you swipe. You can select a photo from your gallery, apply one of five effects, then set it as your wallpaper using the third option. The final step allows you to select a wallpaper from Google’s online collection of wallpapers.

Changing the UI’s color scheme The Dynamic Color function was added to Android 12 and modifies the theme’s color based on your background. This is also possible with the Moto G Stylus 5G. You can access the Personalize option by holding down on the home screen, just above Wallpapers.

Advertisement When you tap it, a central hub with a variety of options to modify your theme will appear. When you click the Colors button, a sample of your system’s color scheme with your wallpaper as the background appears.

You’ll see a row of colored squares halfway down; each color indicates one of the potential colors you could choose for your theme. The last colors are dependant on your background, while the first five are fundamental colors. You’ll see it applied to your theme when you tap on one. In the preview up top, you can see it in use.

Moto Stylus Theme 2 (IMG3IMG2) “>

Advertisement If you wish to change the theme’s color scheme. You’ll see a square with the label “Color Picker” at the very end of the colored squares. You can choose the precise hue of the color you want to add to your color palette by choosing that option.

SELECT FROM THE DARK AND LIGHT THEMES You can select the general style you desire for your UI after selecting your color scheme. The System Theme button is found on the Personalize page. You have three choices on that page.

Your user interface will appear lighter overall with a light theme. White or another vivid color will serve as the background. On the other side, a dark theme will be the opposite. Depending on the time of day, the Transition option will automatically switch themes.


Moto Stylus Theme 3

“motorola stylus theme 3

CHANGING THE APP ICONS You may customize how your icons are displayed in the UI of this phone. First, you can alter the icons’ actual shapes. Upon returning to the Personalize page, click the Icon Shape option.

The five options for your icon shapes will appear on a page. You can pick among shapes like squares, circles, rounded squares, hybrids of circles and squares, and amorphous blobs.


Moto Stylus Theme 5
Moto Stylus Theme 4

You should select the grid after selecting the shape. Afterward, return to the Personalize page and click the Layout button. You can choose the grid size for your icons there. There are six grid options available to you: 56, 55, 46, 45, 44, and 34. Just keep in mind that enlarging the grid will also enlarge the app icons.

A PRE-MAINTENANCE THEME You can select a pre-made theme if you want a quick way to customize your theme. You’ll find a Themes button at the bottom of the Personalize page. When you tap on it, a page with five pre-made themes for your Moto G Stylus will load. Each one has a wallpaper and color scheme.

Moto Stylus Theme 1

” alt=”Moto Stylus Theme 1; CREATE YOUR OWN THEME PRESET “>

Advertisement Tap on the Create new theme button at the bottom if you want to create your own theme preset. A theme editor will then be displayed to you, allowing you to select a wallpaper, typeface, icon shape, grid size, and ringtone. The theme can then be saved so that you can use it later.

THE FINAL EDITIONS You should modify some of the other UI elements, such as the text, to complete customizing your theme. Throughout the system, it is simple to alter the text’s font. The typefaces button can be found on the Personalize page. You can choose from five different typefaces when you tap it. In addition, you can select the font size by clicking the Font Size option.

Using the Display Size button, you can then select the size of every UI element. If you change this, everything from the text to the app icons will have a different size. You may truly customize the theme of your Moto G Stylus 5G with these tools (2022).


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