Google’s Material’s Dynamic Colors scheme It appears that you are joining ChromeOS over a year after the debut of Android 12.

Material You, the third iteration of Google’s Material design language, made its debut on Android 12 and the Pixel 6 series phones last year. The distinguishing characteristic of Material You is the ability for apps and widgets to adapt to different color schemes, in addition to flattening and streamlining more of the interface. Dynamic Colors uses your wallpaper to make a custom theme for your phone on Android versions 12 and up.

With some parts leveraging transparency to let your wallpaper show through, ChromeOS has already been fairly flexible to your wallpaper. However, Chromebooks have largely maintained a look that more closely resembles 2018’s Material Theming than the more recent Material You styles.

According to a new flag , which should be available on ChromeOS Canary in the upcoming weeks, that is about to change.

MVP for ChromeOS Material
Runs ChromeOS in Material Next MVP mode when enabled.

Let’s examine what we are seeing in more detail. To start, Material You is frequently referred to as Material Next within Google, whereas Material Theming was referred to as MD2. The phrase MVP, which stands for minimum viable product, is the next. This suggests that we are only seeing the beginnings of Google’s Material You revamp for ChromeOS.

Having said that, there is debate on renaming the flag and modifying its description to highlight its single attribute, Dynamic Colors. In order to achieve this, the only thing the flag presently changes will introduce a color mixer to ChromeOS that can be altered and updated in-the-moment, enabling color and theme changes to be instantly mirrored throughout your device.

To choose one or more colors to serve as the foundation for a new ChromeOS theme, however, is currently not possible. Though it’s not yet official, it’s not hard to think that ChromeOS will take Android’s lead and use the colors from your Chromebook’s background.

Whatever the case, it appears that Google plans for ChromeOS’s version of Material You Dynamic Hues to be used throughout the system based on the sheer number of selectable colors. However, considering the feature’s ongoing development, we probably won’t see Dynamic Colors completely available for Chromebook owners until later this year. Hopefully, in the future weeks or months, we’ll be able to get our first glimpse at the planned overhaul.

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