You know what that means when a new, pricey flagship phone hits the market. Another durability test by Zach Nelson from JerryRig Everything is ready to go, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the target this time.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 from last year passed the standard durability test with flying colors. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t much different this time around, but Samsung did make the phone slimmer. Anyone would be concerned about this because of its durability.

THE FAMOUS DURABILITY TEST IS PASSED BY THE GALAXY Z FOLD 4 Anyone working in the smartphone industry should be familiar with how these durability tests are conducted. Zach tests the durability of the displays, their fire resistance, the components of the phones, and then the bed test.

Advertisement Because he needed to see how the phone handled dust, this test went a little differently. He repeatedly opened and shut the phone while placing a handful of sand on it. The phone survived, and those of us who didn’t pass out from shock saw it.

The interior display is built of incredibly thin glass, just like last year. Due to its extreme thinness, glass is very likely to dent. The glass is delicate enough to be dragged by your fingernails. But it is to be anticipated.

The bend test is, as usual, the video’s main point of resistance. He bent it first when it was folded, then when it was unfolded. If you spent almost $2,000 on this phone, you’ll be relieved to know that it passed the test with flying colors. It performed better than several other non-folding phones once it was opened.

Advertisement The failure of other companies’ phones to pass the test is a serious slap in the face (looking at you, OnePlus). You may read the complete review of this phone from Android Headlines if you’re in the market for one.


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