The first morning of the new year in 2021 is at 6 AM in Australia. We’re here to provide you the day before’s eyewitness news as well as what you may expect today. Let’s start with the weather report to get things going.

Weather Report for the start of Labor Day in Colorado Please enable JavaScript, thanks.

Labor Day Lift Off in Colorado Springs Today and tomorrow are predicted to have gusty and powerful winds. All day long, the weather will be lovely. It will be the ideal day for a celebration and outing.

7 AM
12 PM
3 PM
LA downtown
39.3 degrees
63.5 degrees
At 67 degrees
Citrus Country
a 45° angle
sixty degrees
65 degrees
Valleys in IE
36 degrees
At 59 degrees
61.1 degrees
The number 24
A 31° angle
Upper Desert
52 degrees
60 degrees

ADVANCED VIRUS CORONA Moving on to the coronavirus updates, all road building was halted to reduce traffic in the Los Angeles county. 274 deaths were reported in the LA county in a single day, bringing the total to above 10,000. The administration has requested assistance from the national guard due to the increasing cases.

PIER SANTA MONICA In order to stop the public from congregating over the holiday weekend, the Santa Monica Pier has officially been closed. The residents are asked to observe the social distance on Monday because the Pier will be open. The administration has made mask wearing mandatory and has placed restrictions on gatherings outside of the home or inside of it for celebrations.

KIRK CAMERON DISPUTES In a video he recently produced, Kirk Cameron encourages people to meet at the beach at dusk to share a candlelit meal. We shall pray for the wellbeing of the nation, he stated. He got into a lot of trouble because of this video because gatherings during pandemics are strictly forbidden.

Most of the people that turned up on the beaches were not wearing masks. On his Instagram account, Kirk posted a photo from the occasion and made plans to host another singing competition soon.

MORE COMING TONIGHT IS EXPECTED. Sean Feucht, a Christian activist, announced a performance on Skid Road. Images from yesterday night’s event show twelve individuals defying corona virus rules. Tonight, more of His supporters are anticipated to congregate in the streets.

APEAL BY GARCETTIS Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made an appeal to the city’s citizens to revoke all plans for a daytime or evening New Year’s Eve party. because of the pandamic coronavirus.

LAPD REPORTS In 2020, the LAPD noted an increase in the volume of party calls.

29.500 phone calls until November 2020 Over the previous year, there were 5000 more. During the fall, calls rose from 26 to 32 percent. A FEW MORE NEWS STORIES A few tribal casinos will be operating in the upcoming year. UCI will open a new hospital with Windows of Weho exhibition. Huge shipping cranes continue to pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge despite the Rose Parade’s cancellation. These are the early morning eyewitness reports. Follow Deasilex to receive more updates.

Source of the Featured Image: Vents Magazine


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