SIFU will be arriving to the Switch system later this year, according to Nintendo’s newest Nintendo Direct livestream event that took place earlier this morning. If you haven’t played SIFU yet, the gameplay is best described as all of your favorite Kung Fu revenge flicks condensed into one game.

Due to its well-planned combat and tenacious gameplay, SIFU received positive reviews from critics upon release. And its complex narrative—about a young Kung Fu student who, after years of training, seeks retribution for the death of their family—fit so seamlessly into the world that was created. The game was, in overall, just enjoyable. It was even better if you had grown up watching Kung Fu movies. because it gave the impression that you were living the lives of the characters in each of those movies.

If you’ve already played it, you can still play SIFU on the go with the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, there is no official Steam Deck support because SIFU for PC is only available via the Epic Games Store. Because of this, the game may now be played correctly on a portable device.



In November, you can purchase the game on Switch, whether or not you’ve played it. in particular on November 8. When SIFU releases for the console, it will be available both digitally and physically. Pre-orders for digital content can be made right now via the eShop for $39.99. The game will also come in two physical editions. The Redemption Edition and the Vengeance Edition.

The Redemption Edition from game developer Sloclap says is already on pre-order from some shops. But it doesn’t appear to be readily available from the regular sources just yet. This typically includes Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop. The cost of either physical edition is similarly unstated. However, neither will be as inexpensive as a regular digital copy.

A SteelBook version of the game, a digital soundtrack, and three lithographs will all be included with both physical copies of the game. A 48-page artbook will also be included in the Vengeance Edition, while the Redemption Edition will also include a figure and tenacity pendant in addition to a 160-page Behind The Art of SIFU devs diary.

Advertisement The Redemption Edition is essentially your coolest collector’s edition.


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