According to 9to5google , Google Play Store is currently experiencing an odd issue where it is not displaying the complete list of recently updated apps.

This is the second time the app has encountered an odd issue, the first being the disappearance of version numbers in the Play Store a few weeks ago. Users who visit the Recently updated section can’t see all of the recently updated apps, according to the issue, which apparently started on August 23.

A Problem Arises With Recently Updated Apps on Google Play Store. 9to5 Google claims that only a small number of the available apps are present. Furthermore, not all users have been impacted and the problem is not just with a few apps. You can compare the most recent app updates with the most recent app scans on the Play Protect page to determine whether your Play Store is having this issue. The Play Store Protect checks an app when you update or install it to make sure there are no vulnerabilities.

Advertisement Additionally, the author of 9to5google claims that he is addressing the problem in the Play Store’s most recent stable release (31.9.1) and newer versions.

Google has yet to react to the report. But if the problem continues for several more weeks, the business ought to act and at the very least publish a fix. This more closely resembles a bug that could be swiftly remedied.

The revised apps on the Google Play Store have previously confused users. Some users discovered that the Play Store no longer displays the date an app was last updated in November of last year.

Advertisement Even though these problems are more frequent and simple to fix, they can nevertheless negatively impact user experience and fuel user annoyance. Google needs to address the problem as soon as feasible, we hope.

Additionally, Google just began testing a new Play Store desktop version design. After several years, the desktop version has undergone a significant update. Users no longer need to move through categories using the left side panel in the new design layout because the tabs are no longer positioned at the top. You can anticipate getting this updated Play Store desktop in the upcoming months even if it isn’t yet accessible to everyone.


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