On Android smartphones, Google Lens is currently a helpful AI-driven tool, but it may soon become even more helpful when it comes to searching a user’s screen in particular. Google looks to be testing a feature that will expand that feature to any screen, according to a recent reports . Instead of restricting the feature to only those apps that enable it, that.

Clearing up any confusion, screen searching with Google Lens enables users to efficiently carry out all Google Lens operations on a screen capture of what the phone is currently displaying. Taking into account text translation or copying. Or using the image displayed on the screen to conduct searches, finish calculations, and more. However, it only functions in a small number of programs, including Twitter, Google Chrome, and a few others.

WHAT CHANGE DOES THIS MAKE TO GOOGLE LENS SEARCHING SCREENS? Google appears to be calling the new feature Search this screen, which is hidden behind a new UI when the Assistant-related feature is brought up.

Advertisement The calling the AI forward only displayed Lens and Read buttons before the upgrade, which has only apparently been seen in operation on a Pixel 6 Pro by one user. It now draws attention to the aforementioned search feature. as displayed in the pictures below.

Additionally, as was already mentioned, the modification allows users to access Lens capabilities on any phone screen. Users won’t have to worry about whether a specific app supports the feature because of this. expanding the range of available app features to include translations, image searching, and more. as opposed to only those that decide to include those functionalities natively.

It’s tough to say whether this will be a wider distribution because the feature has only been seen on one device. It might just be a brief test of the feature. On the other hand, Google might be implementing the change gradually. Additionally, it’s possible that few users use the Lens feature for screenshots. However, none of the Android Headlines smartphones have the capability as of yet.

Advertisement Whatever the case, it is consistent with recent developments. especially in light of a recent adjustment that prioritized Lens in Google Image search online.

Google screen searching UI search this screen from 9to5Google”>

Lens update Google screen searching UI search this screen from 9to5Google


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