The most recent Google Doodle celebrates the 144th birthday of The Great Gama, an unbeaten Indian wrestler.

On May 22, 1878, Ghulam Mohammad Baksh was born in Jabbowal Village in the Punjab Province of what was then known as British India. He would eventually become known as Gama Pehlwan or The Great Gama. Gama experienced a turbulent upbringing, moving following the death of his father and once more after the death of his grandfather before finally settling in with his wrestling uncle.

Gama Pehlwan, who developed an early love in wrestling and strenuous exercise, won the top spot in a strongman competition against more than 400 rivals when he was just 10 years old. His training and enthusiasm for wrestling only grew after that. According to some estimates, Gamas’ training regimen once included up to 5,000 squats and 3,000 pushups per day.

Gama Pehlwan had an unbeaten string of matches against the best wrestlers in India from the 1890s to 1910, with only his match against the national champion resulting in a draw. Gama then developed his worldwide reputation by competing against and winning over some of the best wrestlers in Britain. This led to a match with world champion Stanislaus Zbyszko, which similarly resulted in a draw.

Gama Pehlwan persisted in his training, eventually outlasting both of them in rematches, and went on to win the titles of Champion of India and World Champion. His career lasted several decades and included more than 5,000 bouts, all of which he won.

Gama Pehlwan, though, was also a champion for those outside the ring. In 1947, British India broke away from the British Empire and divided into the sovereign nations of India and Pakistan. This was a time of intense civil upheaval.

Gama Pehlwan and his fellow wrestlers stood in defense as a crowd of rioters attacked his new home area of Lahore in Pakistan, according to Indiatimes . The throng is believed to have dispersed and fled after Gama allegedly slapped the leader brandishing a sword and sent him flying. According to reports, the wrestler paved the way for the vulnerable villagers to cross the border into India without incident.

Gama Pehlwan lived out his latter years in Lahore, where he passed away on May 23, 1960.

Gama Pehlwan is seen in the Google Doodle celebrating the illustrious wrestler’s 144th birthday standing tall and encircled by the letters of the search engine giant. Gama is carrying a silver mace that the Prince of Wales gave him with his right hand.

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