The controller formerly known as the Razer Kishi has been rebranded by Gamevice as the Gamevice for Android, with a tempting new pricing.

Gamevice has been producing side-mounted game controllers for smartphones and tablets for many years. They even produced a Made for Google controller for the Pixel 3 series. When Gamevice first started off, all of its Android products were designed, developed, and marketed to fit a single phone.

Then, in 2020, Gamevice worked with renowned gaming accessory company Razer to develop the Razer Kishi, which later became a hit among Android gamers. However, despite the Razer Kishi’s DNA being uniquely Gamevice, the business gave the controller second-billing by placing only a little emblem on the back.

In place of the prior Razer branding, Gamevice is now relaunching that controller under the moniker “Gamevice for Android.” With that modification, the controller has also drastically decreased in price, retailing for $59 . Comparatively, the Xbox co-branded variant costs $99, while the basic Razer Kishi (still available straight from Razer) costs $79 at retail.

The new Gamevice for Android should be able to grow somewhat larger than the Kishi, enabling it to handle larger modern handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is the only physical difference that the firm notes. The Pixel 6 Pro and other phones with bigger camera bumps, however, do not fit in the Gamevice for Android.

Like its predecessor, the new Gamevice has analog triggers, two joysticks, and Xbox-branded buttons, giving gamers everything they need to play their favorite games both locally and over streaming services. Additionally, the Gamevice compresses when not in use so that it can be easily stowed.

In our evaluation of the Razer Kishi, which was then available for $79, we considered it to be a perfectly capable controller, albeit with a few drawbacks (especially in the comfort category, which is extremely subjective) that made it harder to recommend. The Gamevice for Android is a far more appealing proposition now that its price has been lowered.

Your phone will basically become a Nintendo Switch after it is loaded, allowing you to play Stadia or Xbox Game Pass games while keeping your hands on the controllers on either side of the device for a clear view of the action. The Razer Kishi also reroutes the sound from your phone’s bottom-firing speakers to instead target directly at you, which is a small but useful touch.

Along with models for iPhones and iPads , the recently called Gamevice for Android is either from available now from Amazon or Gamevice . Additionally, the controller includes a coupon code that new customers can use to stream Game Pass Ultimate for free for one month.

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