The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was introduced by Samsung with a new OLED display technology dubbed Eco2 last year (Eco square). Here, the square denotes being cost- and environmentally-conscious. By using fewer plastic components, this approach lowers the display’s power usage. The business has now unveiled Eco2 OLED Plus, an enhanced version of this technology. Utilizing the most advanced display technology is the recently released Galaxy Z Fold 4.

At the just-completed K-Display 2022 expo in South Korea, Samsung Display, the display manufacturing division of the Korean company, demonstrated Eco2 OLED Plus technology ( via ). According to a company presentation, the new display technology uses 25% less energy than the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s Eco2 OLED panel. When compared to a typical OLED panel of a comparable size, battery usage is reduced by 35%.

The polarizer is integrated into the panel by the Eco2 OLED technology. A polarizer aids in reflecting ambient light to increase screen visibility. However, it also does the opposite, blocking the display’s light, which reduces brightness. As a result, the display needs to generate more light in order to have a sufficient level of screen brightness, which reduces battery life.

Advertisement There is no need for a separate polarizer with Samsung’s integrated panel. No display light is so blocked. The end result is a display assembly that is slimmer and uses less power to achieve the same brightness level, improving the economics of the gadget. Additionally, it uses less plastic parts, making it an environmentally beneficial improvement.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the first device to employ the Eco2 OLED Plus display, as was previously stated. In the future, Samsung might incorporate this display technology into the flagship models of its Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S23 line is the best option. In the upcoming months, we ought to hear more about it.

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Advertisement Samsung’s UPC Plus technology is also featured on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. At the K-Display 2022 expo, Samsung also displayed a different display innovation that first appeared on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The improved under-panel camera (UPC) technology from the company better conceals the camera sensor beneath the screen. It’s known as UPC Plus by the Korean company. It has a novel pixel configuration that enables a higher pixel density without reducing the quantity of light that passes through. These updates enable better picture quality while making sure the selfie camera doesn’t obstruct the screen’s content.

Two selfie cameras—a hole punch camera on the outside and a UPC sensor inside—are featured on the Fold series of tablets. The outer one is the one that most people use for selfies. As a result, Samsung is free to play about with the internal UPC sensor. When the business will release standard smartphones with an in-display selfie camera is still to be determined.


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