Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra isn’t expected to go on sale until Q1 of 2019, there have been numerous rumors. The most recent one was provided by well-known tipper Ice Universe . He asserts with absolute certainty that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera will be identical to that of its forerunner.

It’s advised that the Galaxy S23 Ultra maintain the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera design. When Ice Universe claims something is certain, we have no reason to question him because he typically provides accurate information. As you can see here, the Galaxy S22 Ultra does not feature a camera island.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review AM AH 02
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Advertisement All of its camera sensors are directly connected to the backplate. They all protrude from the back, so in a way each of them is like an own island. When it comes to dust, this has shown to be a problem, but it really does look great.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will now feature hardware upgrades and maybe a little bit of a new look. We can’t really divulge the specifics of the phone’s design because it hasn’t yet been revealed.

DESIGN-WISE, IT WILL PROBABLY BE QUITE SIMILAR TO ITS PREDECESSOR The Galaxy S22 Ultra and the phone won’t diverge too much, most likely. There will probably be a camera hole in the center of the display and a curved display. Although some speculations stated it will use an under-display camera, Samsung is reported to preserve it.

Advertisement Of course, the phone will come pre-installed with Android 13 and the brand’s unique user interface. Like its predecessor, the phone will support a S Pen and have a silo for it.

Additionally, you may anticipate a huge, attractive, high refresh rate display, a lot of RAM, a sizable battery, and other features. Let’s just hoping Samsung increases the speed of its charging. Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra can officially charge at a 45W rate, testing have revealed that this rate isn’t all that much faster than that of its siblings, who can charge at a 25W rate.

The competition has outdone itself when it comes to charging, with some devices offering rates of over 100W for both wired and wireless charging. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will, in any case, be the subject of several speculations and leaks in the upcoming months.


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