It could be very challenging to distinguish between Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 series phones. The renowned leaker Ice Universe has been implying that the forthcoming Galaxy flagships may resemble the present models too much. There are supposedly no changes being made by the corporation in terms of size, design, or camera arrays. Now that the same source has revealed the exact measurements and screen sizes of the three Galaxy S23 models, we can say with certainty that they will be exact replicas of the Galaxy S22 trio.

The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23, and Galaxy S23 Ultra will all feature the same display as their respective predecessors, according to Ice Universe. Both the display’s size and resolution are kept constant. So neither of the first two models had QHD resolution. That has been saved by Samsung for the Ultra model since the Galaxy S21 line. On every Galaxy S20 model, QHD resolution was available.

The next phones will be the same thickness as the ones we currently have in terms of size. Only a few tenths of a millimeter are added in height and width by Samsung. In the screenshot below, you can see it for yourself ( via ).

Galaxy S23 Series Screen Size Dimensions S22 Identical” alt=”Advertisement

Galaxy S23 Series Screen Size Dimensions S22 Identical

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After misusing it once more, SAMSUNG IS GOING THE APPLE ROUTER Trolls quickly started targeting Apple after the company just released the iPhone 14 series. The base model iPhone 14 is just an iPhone 13 running iOS 12 out of the box. Nothing else was modified. The processor, display, battery, and cameras are all identical to the model from the previous year. We aren’t even thinking about it because Apple isn’t known for altering the design. What puzzles me is why the firm didn’t upgrade the processor in the base model.

Samsung, like it always does, immediately made fun of Apple for offering the same phone under a different name. However, it looks that the business, at least in terms of design, is taking the same course for its next-generation flagships. If you recall, when Apple withdrew the in-box charger from the iPhone 12 series, the Korean company aggressively trolling the iPhone maker. But it continued down the same path a few months later. We can’t help but make comparisons to the most recent rumors.

Advertisement Having said that, we anticipate an upgrade to the rest of the Galaxy S23 phones’ components compared to the current versions. Well, there are already speculations indicating improvements to the camera and processing. Early in 2023, the devices will be delivered. Therefore, rumors and leaks can accelerate soon unless Samsung is successful in stopping them this time. However, the corporation doesn’t have a solid track record of stopping leaks. We’ll keep you informed.


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