I came upon a rather intriguing icon collection when perusing the Google Play Store. This icon set is known as, and it has hollow and vibrant icons inside. The developer markets it as being best for minimalistic installations, and that seems to be the case.

This icon set was created by Thomas Demirgil and is available for free download and use. It’s interesting to note that this is his first icon collection and first app overall in the Play Store.

Icons in the Basit Icon Pack have a hollow and colorful interior. You can view some examples of these icons by looking at the pictures in the gallery below the text. As you can see, they are all hollow, allowing your background to stand out.

Advertisement Additionally, these symbols are quite vivid. Colors weren’t overly complicated by the developer or designer. Depending on the icon, some colors are used exclusively while others are combined.

As an illustration, the Twitter and Facebook icons are both, of course, blue. Similar to the original image, the Google Photos icon features a variety of colors. But it’s simple to tell which icon is which.

RIGHT NOW, MORE THAN 1,000 ICONS ARE INCLUDED. This icon set contains more than 1,000 icons and is continuously updated. The creator also provides an in-app form for users to request icons.

Advertisement Numerous alternative launchers, including Nova, Lawnchair, Pixel, ADW, Action, LineageOS, Lucid, Niagara, OnePlus, Smart, and many more, are supported by the BASIT icon set.

You can apply these icons, as is customary with icon packs, either through your launcher or directly through the app. Really, it makes no difference. Of course, you may mix and match multiple icon packs with some launchers to alter the icons for only certain apps, but that has nothing to do with an icon pack.

Tap the link or button below to download the BASIT icon pack and try it out.

BASIT Icon Pack image 1
BASIT Icon Pack image 2
BASIT Icon Pack image 3
BASIT Icon Pack image 4
BASIT Icon Pack image 5
BASIT Icon Pack image 6
BASIT Icon Pack image 7


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