The horizontal piston stroke of the flat engine, also known as a boxer or contra engine, reverses the conventional piston arrangement, placing the combustion chambers on either side of the crankshaft at the engine’s outside edge. With the exception of the occasional SUV, Porsche mostly creates and produces sports cars, which are typically compact, flat vehicles with mid- or rear-mounted engines. Boxer engines can be substantially lower profile than their inline- or v-configuration rivals since they have a horizontal stroke.

More than just a smaller car is possible because to the flat-six engine’s modest size and distinctive shape; designers may also decrease their cars’ centers of gravity. A vehicle with a lower center of gravity is more stable on the road, allows drivers to maneuver more quickly, and navigate corners at higher speeds without accidentally barrel rolling. In addition to being more compact, flat-six engines typically have higher maximum revs, smoother running, and greater operational efficiency.


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