With the development of technology, we consume more data than ever before by snapping photos and movies and downloading 30GB upgrades for games to our gaming consoles that we no longer even routinely play. Or is it only me? I’ve known the misery of losing data, and I’d like to spare you part of it by suggesting that you back up your data. I’ll never be without a cloud-saving feature, that much is certain. like this moment.

AUGUST 2022’S BEST STORAGE DEALS Crucial X6 2TB USB 3.2 Portable Solid-State Drive
$152.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $199.99)
A400 SATA III Kingston 480GB Solid State Drive
Purchased for $34.99 (List Price $54.99) (Opens in a separate window).
2TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink, WD Black
$259.99 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price $549.99)
Solid-State Drive, Samsung 970 Evo Plus, 1TB, M.2 NVMe
Purchased for $104.99 (List Price: $126.49) (Opens in a new window).
5TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive, WD Elements
$109.95 (Opens in a new window) (List Price $129.99)
12TB Desktop External USB 3.0 Hard Drive from WD
Purchased for $216.00 (List Price $309.99) (Opens in a new window)
Solid State Drive, Crucial BX500, 1TB 2.5″ SATA III
Purchased for $64.99 (List Price $89.99) (Opens in a new window)
4TB NAS 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive, Seagate IronWolf

$82.99 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price: $110.99) But how, you inquire? The solution is additional storage. Digital storage options abound today, ranging from large multi-terabyte internal drives for your tower CPU to simple plug-and-play external flash drives. But which option fits your demands the best? And how can you get the most for the least money spent?

Here are the top storage offers we could find, saving you not just hundreds of money but also the misery of losing all of your data.

HDD OFFERS An external drive is your best option if you’re seeking for a quick and easy storage solution to swiftly backup your data. External drives can be installed without any technical knowledge by simply plugging them onto your computer via a USB or Thunderbolt connection. What amount of storage you require, how quickly you require the data to move, how durable your drive must be, and how much you are willing to spend are the primary considerations.

Black P10 Game Drive from WD
Purchased for $64.98 (List Price $89.99) (Opens in a separate window)
External hard drive with USB 3.0, Seagate One Touch 2TB
For $99.99 (Opens in a separate window).
2TB 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive, Seagate
Purchased for $49.99 (List Price $58.99) (Opens in a new window)
Black 3.5″ Gaming Internal Hard Drive HDD from WD, 6TB, 7200 RPM.
$144.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $189.99)
$82.99 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price: $110.99)
6TB NAS Internal Hard Drive, WD Red Plus
$129.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $169.99)
10TB 3.5″ 7200RPM 256MB-Cache Internal Hard Drive from Toshiba

$210.00 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price $297.99) You’ll discover that external HDDs (hard disk drives) are typically less expensive than SSDs (solid-state drives), but this comes at the expense of performance and durability. An HDD’s spinning discs and moving parts make them more likely to break down over time, and because of the moving parts, data transfer will also be slower. However, the amount of storage is comparable to that of an SSD, so an HDD is a smart choice if you need a short-term, less expensive solution that works well for transferring data between two devices.

An internal HDD is going to be the best, most economical solution to add extra storage and backup space if you’re comfortable opening up your desktop computer tower and making a few connections. An internal HDD is the better option for a long-term solution that doesn’t clutter up your desk, even though it requires a little more effort than simply inserting a box into your USB connection.

” alt=”Seagate BaraCuda”>

For many years, Seagate has been a household name in the HDD industry and is recognized for being both dependable and reasonably priced. BarraCuda series drives range in size from 1TB to 8TB, so whether you need a little capacity boost or want to create your own content, they have you covered.

Purchased for $49.99 (List Price $58.99) (Opens in a new window) SSD OFFERS An external SSD is simple to operate, just as external HDD drives: As soon as you attach it to your device using a USB or Thunderbolt connection, you’ll have access to terabytes upon terabytes of data storage and backup. These drives’ simplicity and speed come at a price, too. SSDs distinguish themselves mostly through their speed: Almost everything is faster with these smartphones, including opening programs, copying files, and quickly bringing up those files. Another advantage is that these drives are less likely to malfunction because they don’t have any internal moving parts. The negative? You could be paying up to 10 times more per TB for the speed and dependability of SSDs because the technology is much more recent and chip prices are constantly rising.

Solid-State Drive, Samsung 980 Pro, 1TB, M.2, NVMe Gen4.
For $129.99 (Opens in a new window), (List Price $209.99)
Portable USB-C Solid-State Drive from Samsung, T7 1TB
$109.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $139.99)
Solid-State Drive, Samsung 980 Pro 500GB, M.2 NVMe Gen4.
$99.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $139.99)
Solid-State Drive SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable USB-C
Purchased for $129.00 (List Price $249.99) (Opens in a new window)
Portable, shockproof USB 3.2 Type C SSD, Crucial X8 1TB
Purchased for $99.99 (List Price $104.99) (Opens in a new window).
1TB portable external solid state drive from Samsung
$139.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $159.99)
2TB Extreme USB-C Portable Solid-State Drive from SanDisk
$219.99 (Opens in a separate window) (List Price $459.99)
Solid-State Drive, Crucial P5 Plus 2TB, M.2 NVMe Gen4.

$210.99 (Opens in a new window) (List Price: $319.99) Similar to external SSD drives, internal SSD drives provide the following advantages: They are incredibly quick, consume minimal electricity, have no moving components, and are incredibly quiet. The drawbacks are the same: You’ll spend significantly more per TB of storage in exchange for those advantages. However, costs for internal SSDs appear to be more affordable than for external ones, making it easier to add a terabyte or two with a little extra work.

Internal SSDs come in two varieties: 2.5-inch drives that fit into your desktop and the M.2 design, which resembles microchips attached to a stick of gum and is typically added to laptops. Spend a little more money to add at least one terabyte of storage since you’ll need to open up your device to install these, so you should buy as much storage as you can at once. The majority of users will find it to be more than enough space for their images, videos, and music; if you’re a heavy gamer or content creator, you’re probably looking in the 2TB–8TB range.

” alt=”WD Black SN850″>

WD BLACK SN850 2TB PCIE GEN4 NVME M.2 INTERNAL SSD WITH HEATSINK For storage sizes larger than 1TB, the WD Black SN850 offers lightning-fast read rates of up to 7000MB/s. If a heatsink isn’t included, you’ll pay slightly less, but given how much heatsinks cost separately, you might as well have them both. The fact that this SSD is PS5 compatible and PCle Gen 4 may be most significant. You’ll be amazed at how rapidly it zips through load screens if you simply take off the top cover and snap this bad boy in place.

If the 2TB is out of your price range, you can also acquire the 500GB option, which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t collect video games like some sort of virtual dragon. Although it reads at a reduced rate of 5300MB/s, it is still quite quick. Although saving 5% might not seem like much, the cost is only slightly higher than the version without a built-in heat sink, so why not?

500GB PCIe Gen4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink, WD Black

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