The final update for the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL has begun rolling out. Naturally, we’re referring to the September 2022 Android security patch.

Please take note that both of these cellphones’ support cycle ended in May. Unless something totally unexpected occurs, this is the final update they will get.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE PIXEL 3A ANDAMP; 3A XL TO RECEIVE THEIR FINAL UPDATE. Given that this upgrade theoretically extends as far as the Pixel 4 series, Google did not specifically name the Pixel 3a or 3a XL as part of the September release. You may be sure that both devices will receive it because the manufacturer has already made the update files available. In essence, that indicates that the OTA update is also forthcoming.

Advertisement Google had already mentioned that both smartphones would receive an additional security upgrade. The September Android security update is now available. The software now has a version number of SP2A.220505.008, by the way.

The September 2022 update, which goes back to the Pixel 4 series as was already mentioned, will be available for quite a few Pixel phones. The Pixel 6a isn’t included, at least not yet, which is the issue.

A LITTLE LATER THAN ITS SIBLINGS, THE PIXEL 6A WILL GET THIS UPDATE. Google has a legitimate reason for delaying the update for its most recent smartphone. The tablet has some more faults that the firm has to fix, including with the fingerprint scanner. It goes without saying that this takes more time.

Advertisement Google will simultaneously release these improvements together with the September security patch. We’re hoping that will happen soon, but we can’t be sure as Google withheld the precise timetable.

The Pixel 6a appears to be operating well, with the exception of the one significant issue that users have brought up with the device. Since the switch to in-display fingerprint scanners, Google simply cannot make the fingerprint scanner to work correctly. Basically, problems with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have existed from its release.


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