Another antitrust action against Google is now being prepared by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The case might be filed as soon as next month, according to Bloomberg . The DOJ’s second significant case against the tech behemoth would be this one. The initial one arrived in October 2020.

The Justice Department is focusing on the Google AdWords industry. The dispute has once again turned to Google’s online advertising business. The Justice Department and virtually all of the company’s competitors claim that Google illegally dominates the digital advertising market by abusing its market dominance. The dominant search engine offers publishers platforms and tools to display advertising on websites. Although there are numerous other businesses in this field, none has been able to match Google.

According to reports, the US spent over $211 billion on digital advertising in 2016. With a 28.6 percent market share, Google was the dominant company. The DOJ thinks the business uses its other products, such Search and Chrome, to gain an unfair edge over rivals. The Department has been looking into this for years and has another case ready. The earlier legal action attacked the dominance of the IT giants in online search and advertising.

Advertisement The DOJ is reportedly interviewing publishers once more to acquire more data before moving forward with the lawsuit, according to the latest report. In the past, the Department had also questioned publishers about this issue. The most recent interrogations might continue for a few more weeks. The case might be filed in federal court in Washington or New York once it is ready.

It is important to note that the DOJ’s prior action against Google is still active in Washington, and a number of state attorneys general (AGs) are pursuing separate antitrust lawsuits against the corporation in New York. The search engine behemoth has disputed the state’s claims and asked the court to throw the lawsuit out. It is rumored that a hearing will take place this month.

Google rejects any wrongdoing. Google has, as was to be expected, denied any wrongdoing and maintains that its advertising business is based on ethical principles. According to a statement released by the company, our advertising solutions let websites and applications monetize their content and give small enterprises access to a global market. Online advertising has experienced intense competition, which has increased relevance, decreased ad tech costs, and increased possibilities for publishers and advertisers.

Advertisement However, Google is facing increasing legal issues outside of the US as well. The UK and European watchdogs are also looking into its agreement with Meta because they believe the two businesses rigged internet ad auctions. We’ll have to wait and see how these lawsuits turn out. Watch this space for updates on the DOJ’s impending antitrust case against Google.

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