On July 30, Mosser tweeted a screenshot demonstrating how he could utilize Apple Pay on a device running the most recent beta of iOS 16. He did this by using third-party browsers. Steve Mosser and an couple of others confirmed that they could utilize Apple Pay with third-party browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox on iOS 16 Beta and iPadOS Beta. It’s interesting to note that the feature only appears to have been available on iOS 16 Beta or iPadOS 16 Beta-compatible devices running the browsers’ iPhone and tablet versions.

Notably, these identical third-party browsers’ MacOS versions still lack Apple Pay support. According to Mosser, the main reason that third-party browsers for macOS do not support Apple Pay is because they employ a different rendering engine than Safari does. It is a bit odd to see Apple limiting the use of Apple Pay to online platforms given that mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay face a lot of competition from contactless cards for in-store transactions.

Notably, the addition of third-party browser compatibility to iOS 16 and iPad 16 beta versions does not imply that the function will eventually be added to these systems’ stable releases later this year. We can only hope that by the end of 2022, Apple Pay will be accessible on all Apple systems regardless of the browser.


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