The Google Pixel is good at detecting Hey Google. The issue is that if your home or apartment has numerous Google Home devices, your Pixel may occasionally pick up your query when you don’t intend it to. In addition to showing you a few different ways to activate your Google Assistant, such using the power button, this tutorial will assist you in turning off Hey Google detection on your Pixel.

ON YOUR DEVICE, GOOGLE ASSISTANT Since the smartphone and the virtual assistant are virtually one, the Pixel uses Google Assistant quite well, as was already mentioned. You may ask a question, find the answer to a math problem, or even turn off the lights in your home by just saying, “Hey Google.” The problem is that Nest products can detect when you say Hey Google as well, which is what they are designed to do.

When trying to activate a speaker or Nest Hub, there are instances when you don’t really want your phone to answer. Or perhaps you value your privacy too much to accept that your smartphone is constantly listening. On your Android Google Pixel, you may quickly turn off and disable Hey Google detection. That doesn’t mean Google Assistant will be turned off.

WHAT TO DO TO DISABLE HEY GOOGLE DETECTION You might have a good cause for turning off always listening, as we previously mentioned. By the way, disabling Hey Google won’t disadvantage you because the power button can activate Google Assistant with a 100% efficacy rating. Here’s how you can do it:

Swipe down twice from the homescreen of your Pixel and tap the settings cog to access Settings. Select Apps. Tap Assistant after scrolling down. Select Say Hey Google. Switch off Hey Google.

Turn off Hey Google

Turn off Hey Google
Turn off Hey Google
Turn off Hey Google

Saying “Hey Google” to your Pixel won’t get you very far once that is disabled. However, the activation phrase will continue to activate your Nest and Google Home devices. This is beneficial in a number of ways. You can always switch Hey Google detection back on if you change your mind.

GOOGLE ASSISTANT ACTIVATION WITHOUT SAYING “HEY Google” Here, we’re referring to Android. That implies that there is always a different approach to taking. For instance, you can modify the settings for your power button so that a brief press and hold activates Google Assistant instead of using the hot words. The power button can be configured to launch Google Assistant as seen below:

Swipe down twice and press the settings cog on your Pixel to access the settings menu. System is located at the bottom; tap it. tapping gestures You can press and hold the power button by looking at the bottom. Tap it. On Hold for Assistant toggle.

You’ll be able to start Google Assistant on your Pixel by pressing the power button rather than saying Hey Google once that setting is turned on. Even the amount of time that must pass before Google Assistant begins to listen can be altered.

Pressing the microphone icon at the bottom of your homescreen will also start Google Assistant. Your Pixel will immediately begin listening for your enquiry once you tap it. Additionally, this approach is quite practical. Another type of secret feature enables you to launch the Assistant by swiping up from the bottom corners of your Pixel. You may enable this option under Settingsandgt;Gesturesandgt;System navigationandgt;Gesture navigation settings cog. By turning on this function, Google Assistant will listen to you when you swipe up from the bottom corners of any page. Cool, huh?

Regardless of how you activate Google Assistant, you’ll receive fantastic results. Even though it’s wonderful to be able to say “Hey Google” to summon your virtual assistant, it might not be for everyone, particularly if you have other Google Home gadgets or security concerns. There are various ways to enable Google Assistant, but there is actually no wrong way to do it.

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