Based on 621 responses from customers in the US to our question about the finest features of the iPhone, we can officially declare a victor. With a staggering 52.17% of respondents selecting FaceTime as their preferred iPhone feature, it was clear that FaceTime had triumphed.

Battery health check comes in second with 12.40%, followed by AirPlay in second place with 17.23%. Drag and drop was the final option, coming in at 8.37%, and offloading apps came in second place with 9.82%. As you can see, none of these (very useful) features even came close to competing with FaceTime.

On the iPhone, Mac, and iPad, FaceTime is Apple’s exclusive ecosystem and video chat software. Only those with the most recent version of an Apple operating system can directly request Android or Windows users to join FaceTime sessions, and even that level of third-party connectivity is a relatively recent development. FaceTime was once exclusively available to Apple users, but with the emergence of rivals like Zoom and persistent rivalry from long-standing video chat companies like Skype, Apple decided to open up the service to non-Apple users as well.


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