Google has long supported web technologies that provide an interface similar to that of a native application. Google is now launching the Advanced Web Apps Fund because it has promoted and developed browser features and APIs to that end.

Although we don’t have a clear definition for advanced apps, we typically think of them as websites with a large amount of client-side functionality and an app-like user interface.

Google lists features of Chrome such WebTransport, File System Access, and WebAssembly, with Adobe Photoshop serving as a prominent example. Today’s guidelines for what Google is looking for include:

Added abilities (for example, a WebSQL replacement using WebAssembly). Improvements to Bubblewrap and drivers that enable WebUSB are only two examples of libraries and tools that make it simpler to create sophisticated online apps. Advanced web app use cases that are unique or effective are demonstrated in tutorials and demo apps. Despite the fact that the Chrome team has been working very hard to develop new features, we have only completed a small portion of the effort. Developers of web apps rely on numerous other members of the community who have established a robust ecosystem of APIs, tools, demonstration apps, and other resources.

In 2013, Google’s initial attempt to create more potent web experiences was the creation of packaged apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Device makers and educators were the main target audiences for these Chrome apps. Google discovered in 2016 that contemporary browsers “place” the Web in a favorable position to address the great majority of use cases. As a result, Google is planning to completely phase out the prior method with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

According to Google, an Open Collective account is necessary in order to apply for the Advanced Web Apps Fund. As a need for sponsorship approval, you can also suggest other people who are ready to embrace the code modifications you’re funding.

Create a brief document outlining your proposal and submit it as your application. You may also submit a GitHub issue to an existing project. Then, complete this submission form . There is no deadline; we will consider submissions as they come in.

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