Today, Google is beginning to roll out the 1440p resolution option for Stadia to subscribers, giving users another choice in addition to 1080p and 4K. The option is starting to roll out for the web browser, claims Stadia Source (via 9To5Google ). User Stefan Dehnert discovered the setting first on Twitter.

Technically speaking, 1440p resolution has been available before. In May 2020, Google made an official announcement stating that support had been introduced for Chrome users. However, at the time, there was no real way to choose 1440p as a resolution quality in the options. It would work if you had the ideal circumstances for your setup, as 9To5Google notes. which needed utilizing a display with a resolution higher than 1080p but not capable of 4K and changing the resolution choice to 4K.

STADA ON THE WEB USERS WILL SOON BE ABLE TO CHOOSE 1440P RESOLUTION AS A QUALITY OPTION To be clear, this is still most likely only going to be accessible to users that stream games using the browser-based Stadia website. As it is unknown if the resolution option is currently supported by any other platforms. The distinction is that you can now choose 1440p as an option. However, a suitable monitor is still required.

Advertisement It’s also important to note that 1440p will only be available to Stadia Pro subscribers. similar to how 4K resolution is. Therefore, if you use Stadia for free, you must keep with 1080p or 720p.

Although its not yet known how widespread the rollout is, we can confirm that it is active. Since we may choose the option in the settings section of the Stadia website. The amount of data consumed by choosing 1440p is 14.4GB per hour, which is slightly more than the 1080p choice but substantially less than the 4K option. Therefore, even if 4K is an option, it could be wise to choose 1440p in order to reduce data usage.

Stadia 1440p Resolution Option”>

Stadia 1440p Resolution Option

Advertisement The 1440p Modus is currently accessible via the web and is being gradually expanded.
Has the same capabilities as the 4K Modus an #Stadia Pro Abo.
@CheekyBoinc Stefan Dehnert September 15, 2022


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