Another round of incredibly pricey smartphones from Caviar is back. The most recent phone to receive opulent customisation from the Russian manufacturer, which is renowned for this precise reason, is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. It has released four different models of the new foldable with gold accents, meteorite inserts, and other opulent features. Of course, they are rather expensive.

CAVIAR DEBUTS $10,000 GLADIATOR Z FOLD 4 Caviar Galaxy Z Fold 4 models start at $9,610. (256GB). It has a titanium body with a black protective PVD (physical vapor deposition) covering and is known as Black Rain. For a luxury finish, it has true black calf leather inserts and geometric engraving. The price of this phone’s 512GB variant is $10,050.

For 255GB and 512GB storage options, the Solar Eclipse model costs $9,700 and $10,130, respectively. Similar styling is applied to this customized Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a titanium body, a black protective PVD coating, and genuine black calf leather accents. However, the business has added 24K gold ornaments to the top.

Advertisement The Canyon Diablo Galaxy Z Fold 4 with meteorite inserts is available from Caviar if you’re looking for something more opulent. Although the body is still made of titanium, Seymchan, Muonionalusta, and Diablo Canyon meteorite fragments have been inscribed on it. The shape of the meteorite inserts in each model is distinct because, as the business points out, each meteorite piece is unique. For 255GB and 512GB storage choices, this phone costs $10,830 and $11,270, respectively.

Last but not least, the Russian company is selling a Golden Meteor model of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that upgrades the Canyon Diablo model with a golden finish. The same meteorite inserts are provided, but the frames and titanium body are 24K double gold electroplated. You will need to pay $11,180 for 256GB of storage and $11,620 for 512GB if you want this phone.

THE SUPPLY OF THESE PHONES IS LIMITED. The Caviar Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available in a limited quantity, as usual. The business produced 29 units of the Canyon Diablo and Golden Meteor variations and 99 units each of the Black Rain and Solar Eclipse versions. Therefore, you had better act quickly if you were willing to spend $10,000 on a smartphone. You can look at the Galaxy Z Fold 4 here ‘s Caviar collection.

Advertisement The phone you are purchasing is the same Galaxy Z Fold 4 that Samsung is selling for less than $2,000, so take note of that. Everything about the smartphone, including the cameras, processor, battery, displays, and functionality, stays the same. You only spend the additional hundreds of dollars for the opulent external customizations.


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