You will see many people in your immediate environment who played a significant part in shaping who you are today. These individuals may be your parents, older siblings, or friends. Obviously, you cannot repay them for everything they have done for you, but on Thanksgiving Day, you can say “thank you” by offering them a special treat at the restaurant.

On Thanksgiving Day, Kansas City eateries are giving away cheap food as a way of saying “thank you” to their patrons. You can take advantage of the offer with your loved ones and friends. With the affordable meal and your favorite person, the day would be ideal for Thanksgiving.

Let’s quickly review the origins of Thanksgiving Day, including its starting date. As a harvest celebration to give thanks for the year’s crop, Thanksgiving Day was first observed in October 1621. 2

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Thanksgiving Day will be observed in Kansas on Kuya J Menu Prices 26 November 2020. Today, restaurants are providing a terrific bargain on inexpensive cuisine. You can read about the participating restaurants here. The restaurant may already be packed if you don’t pre-register yourself or know the right location.

KANSAS RESTAURANT DEALS FOR THANKSGIVING On November 26, 2020, the following eateries will have affordable meals. The day would be ideal for a Thanksgiving family picnic.

Robert Evans The Bob Evans chain offers meals at affordable prices at each of its locations. Dining in is available from 7 AM to 8 PM. Food for a farmhouse feast is also available from the business; you may host a party at your home and order enough food for four guests. You can also get pies and bread as deserts in addition to the food.

BUFFET MARKET This Thanksgiving, there has been an unusual ebb and flow at the Boston Market. On November 26, the eateries will serve traditional fare. You have the option of bringing food home from the market or going out to dinner. By taking the already prepared food home and then selling it at your store, you can not only spend money but also make money.

SEAFOOD FROM BRISTOL There is a tempting offer from Bristol Seafood. For $42 for adults, they are giving a complete dish, and for $12 for children. There is a $12 per person under-eat offer. The restaurant is open from 11 AM until 7 PM. Although pre-registration is required for the offer, if you don’t receive a dining pass, don’t be concerned. You can still benefit from the promotion because the restaurant is providing carryout for 6 people for $175.

BEPPO BUCA The greatest option if you want to have a formal traditional Thanksgiving meal or Italian cuisine is Buca di Beppo. Simply place an order in advance to enjoy the food at home. The cost of dinner for three people is $68.99, and dinner for six people is $138.

GRILLE IN THE CAPITAL The Capital Grille is offering the deal, but you must first make a dinner reservation. $11 for dessert, $15 for kids, and $43 for an adult supper. If you can’t secure a reservation, you can also order food to be delivered to your house.

CHAZ IN THE PARK This Thanksgiving, Chaz on the plaza has a new plan. On November 24, 25, and 26, 2021, dine-in orders and takeout orders can both be placed at the restaurant. A reservation is required and will cost $50 per person at the restaurant.

BARREL CRACKER The Cracker Barrel offers a turkey-style supper for a fair price. On the menu, there will be

a reusable liquid Cranberry chutney mashed sweet potatoes ham cured in sugar either corn muffins or buttermilk biscuits a dessert serving of pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving, EDDIE VS EDDIE VS is offering something. Adults pay $43, children pay $15, and the dessert costs $12. The restaurant is also offering take-out meals for $135 for two.

GOFOGO DE CHO This Thanksgiving, the Country Club Plaza Fogo is available for dine-in service from 11 AM to 9 PM. You can order food from the restaurant to be delivered to your home, but you must pick it up on Thanksgiving Day at 10 A.M.

GARROZZOS This Thanksgiving, the Overland Park Garrozzos restaurants are open from 11 AM to 6 PM. The cost of the meal is $29.95 per person. The cost to take dinner home is $72 for four people and $36 for two individuals. The complete apple pie and the pumpkin will each cost $20. Pre-ordering of the takeout food is required.

22 MORE RESTAURANTS THAT SERVE CHEAP FOOD, LIST A THANKSGIVING THIS Grassroots Cafe Hereford Residence Houlihans Seafood and Steaks Wood-Fired at J. Gilbert’s Northland by June No Ending Brewing Schmicks


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