You may soon get the option in Telegram to associate your account with an email address. Every time you log in from a new or unidentified device, the email will be utilized as verification. Your Telegram account will become even more secure as a result of this.

This feature hasn’t been formally introduced by Telegram yet. Maybe the business is still developing it. The early, in-development build of the functionality was discovered a few days ago by renowned app developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi . Telegram will let users to manually enter an email address or sign in using their Google account, according to screenshots posted by Paluzzi. The email address, according to Telegram, will help protect your account from unauthorized access.

This choice will be found under the Privacy and Security Settings’ Security subsection. When you add an email address, Telegram notifies you that the address will be used each time you sign in from a new device. This probably indicates that you’ll get a verification code in your email. You can at any time modify the associated email in the messaging app.

Advertisement TELEGRAM IS ADDING MORE WAYS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE SECURE. There are already a few security features built into Telegram. The first option is device-specific passcode locks, which let you password-protect the app. You must manually configure passwords on each device you use Telegram on because the password only functions locally on that particular device. You can manually lock the app by tapping the lock symbol above the chat list, or you can set it to automatically lock after one minute, five minutes, one hour, or five hours of inactivity.

The messaging app has a two-step authentication process as well. Every time you connect into your Telegram account from a new device, this cloud-based mechanism asks you to enter a pre-set code. In case you forget your password, you can add a recovery email, a password, and a password hint (for yourself). You will soon have another option to maintain the security of your account with the opportunity to attach an email address. You will receive a new verification code in your email instead of a pre-set password. Compared to the current two-step verification approach, this method is more secure.

As previously said, Telegram is actively developing this technology for email connection. There is no set date for when the public might start using this functionality. I hoped the wait wouldn’t be too long. When we have more details, we’ll let you know.

Advertisement #Telegram is attempting to make it possible to secure your account by including your email address.
You can also sign in using the codes #Google .
Alessandro Paluzzi September 1, 2022 (@alex193a)


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