Despite popular belief, the Pixel 6a’s display is capable of operating at 90Hz. The majority of you are aware that this display can only operate at 60Hz, and we assumed that this was due to hardware restrictions. Well, it seems not really.

THE PIXEL 6A DISPLAY WAS SET TO RUN AT 90HZ BY SOMEONE. TheLunarixus on Twitter was able to get the phone’s display to run at 90 hertz. How? Well, this display and the one on the Pixel 6 are very similar. Why is that crucial? The Pixel 6s display has a 90Hz refresh rate.

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Pixel 6a 90Hz

Advertisement Esper’s Mishaal Rahman made the decision to speak up and clarify. He claims that while it is doable, there are certain very important considerations you should keep in mind. He claimed he attempted to get it to run at 90Hz but was unable.

If this is made possible through a tweak, he continued, improvements will be required in order to ensure stability. He also said that individuals shouldn’t have high expectations.

The Pixel 6 and 6a don’t use the same display, Rahman continued, despite the similarities between the two panels. However, it appears that they use the same display controller.

Advertisement However, don’t get your hopes up. A hack may eventually appear, but it probably won’t be very simple to activate, and who knows if everything will function normally after it. It is still uncertain. But we wouldn’t hold our breath.

But the question still stands: Why did Google restrict this screen to 60Hz when it can operate at 90Hz? We can only speculate as to the possible causes, which may be numerous.

It would resemble the Pixel 6 much more if it operated at 90Hz. It might discourage folks from purchasing the Pixel 6. On the plus side, the Pixel 6a does have a longer battery life thanks to this approach, and Google may have decided that the vast majority of Pixel 6a buyers would be satisfied with a 60Hz display. But the truth is only known by the firm.

Advertisement By the way, we’ve already tested the Pixel 6a, and we thought it was a wonderful phone, especially for the price.


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