YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything is back with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 deconstruction video after testing the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s endurance last week. He shows us the components of the gadget, including the revised hinge. Sadly, he once again fails to remove the inner folding display out in one piece as he starts the deconstruction. The screen itself is challenging to remove, however the rubber bumper around the display is simple to remove. And after taking extreme precautions, Zack still manages to harm the foldable display.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s display has numerous layers, as one might anticipate. Among these is the digitizer, which reads input and can track the S Pen’s movement on the screen. It’s interesting to note that fiber-reinforced plastic has taken the place of the thin metallic layer from the display assembly. The new material, according to the manufacturer, is just as robust and weight-efficient. Along with improving the pixel density above the under-display camera, Samsung. That may be seen by contrasting the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Fold 3.

However, removing the folding display prevents us from accessing the remaining internals. It requires the removal of the back panel and the exterior display. Unfortunately, Samsung has embedded the glass screen within the metal frame, making it impossible for it to be removed in one piece. However, the back panel does come off undamaged. The wireless charging coil is simply pasted on top of the board underneath the back panel. The motherboard can be seen once the coil and a few plastic plates secured by screws have been removed.

Advertisement The two batteries are our next stop. Additionally, because Samsung is Samsung, there are no pull tapes or similar devices. It is really difficult to remove the batteries because they are cemented in. Zack was unable to help but prick one of the power units. The Korean company needs to reconsider how it attaches batteries because using glue isn’t the greatest or safest option.

A REDESIGNED HINGE IS INCLUDED IN THE Galaxy Z Fold 4. The hinge for the Galaxy Z Fold 4s, which allows the device to fold, is finally revealed. The hinge has been modified with three distinct parts joined by metal plates. Unlike the first three generations of Fold gadgets, which include a hinge with gears or movement, this year’s model from Samsung uses grooves and joints. The device is an engineering marvel, and the complexity of the entire system proves it. In the video down below, you can watch it being disassembled.


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