One of the greatest ruggedized smartphones available right now is the recently announced Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro from Samsung. With shock-absorbing materials and a MIL-STD-810H approved body, it has an IP68 rating for dust and water protection. Despite its robust construction, the phone is quite simple to disassemble and repair. It has a replaceable battery and back panel to make repairs simple. The various parts and components of the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro were recently taken apart and put back together by the YouTube channel PBK Reviews in a teardown. Here’s what happened.

TEARDOWN OF GALAXY XCOVER 6 PRO The Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro’s detachable back plate contains a rubber gasket inside to prevent water from seeping into the battery compartment. To aid in heat dissipation via the back, Samsung has also applied graphite film here. With barely a fingertip’s worth of pressure, the battery itself breaks off. Under the battery, we can see a liquid damage warning, and much like in the good old days, the SIM and micro SD slots are right next to it.

The screen is more difficult to remove, but it may be done without damaging it with moderate heat and careful prying. The large center frame must first be lifted off after some connectors and common Phillips screws have been removed. The Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro’s strength is mostly derived from this enormous, sturdy component. A vapor chamber and some graphite film are also present in the mid-frame to aid with the phone’s thermal management.

Advertisement The phone’s primary motherboard and sub-board are located beneath the mid-frame. Two standard Philips screws are used to secure the main board. Additionally, there is a graphite film and additional thermal paste applied to the processor. Samsung has given the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro utmost consideration when it comes to heat dissipation. Additionally, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been kept apart from the other parts of the device by the manufacturer, facilitating repairs and enhancing water resistance.

The bottom speaker housing contains no normal Philips screws, whereas the sub-board has just one. All holes and openings have rubber gaskets and meshes around them to keep water out. The Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro is generally quite simple to remove and repair. It received an 8 out of 10 repairability rating from PKB Reviews. Its ability to replace the screen and battery simply contributed to its success. The video below shows the complete disassembly and reassembly of the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro.


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