The transparent design of the Nothing Phone (1) has made it the most anticipated mid-range smartphone ever. The phone debuted last month to widespread enthusiasm. Despite the unique design, the phone is made quite well and just passed the grueling durability test conducted by popular YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything . Now that he has thoroughly examined the phone from top to bottom, he has discovered some intriguing information. Let’s investigate them.

NONE PHONE (1) DESTROYED The Nothing Phone (1) features a collection of aesthetically pleasing parts assembled on the rear, which you may have previously seen. There are numerous pieces of plastic in addition to the numerous LEDs that are organized in a meaningful Glyph grid. Zack discovered that the majority of those plastic bits are merely glued in place with no screws holding them down after removing the back panel. They are quite simple to remove.

Screws have never been utilized to secure some of the larger plastic components. However, the smaller components, such as the diffusing layer above the LED strands, exclusively rely on glue to remain in place. The yellowish bulbs are covered by these neatly cut stickers, which also give the phone a uniform appearance.

Advertisement Due of the propensity of adhesives to become loose and fail over time, Zack draws attention to the absence of screws holding down some of these components. As a result, it’s possible that the diffusing layer will eventually peel off after a few years. Due to the lack of an outside force operating on them, the likelihood of that occurring is quite low. The phone’s rear plate provides additional defense.

The Nothing Phone (1), other from these decorative components on top, is just another Android smartphone. The wireless charging coil is covered by a thick layer of plastic. Everything else is pretty standard. The battery has magic pull taps, making it simple to swap out in the event of damage. If you watched the durability test for the phone, you might recall that nothing shattered, but the phone produced an odd noise when bent from the front. The item lost its natural shape when forced, and it turned out that the flexing was caused by the battery glue.

The official dust and water resistance rating for the Nothing Phone (1) is an IP53, which is below the required level. But the business has taken adequate precautions to prevent water from getting in. The complete Nothing Phone 1 deconstruction video is embedded below.


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