GSM Arena recently conducted interviews with two HONOR executives at IFA in Berlin. These executives talked about a variety of topics, including the future HONOR foldable smartphone and small cellphones.

The two executives in question are Clement Wong, CMO of HONORs Western Europe, and Tony Ran, CEO of HONORs Europe. GSM Arena questioned them extensively; you can read the complete interview, but we’ll only highlight the most crucial parts.

HONOR EXECUTIVES DISCUSSED, AMONG OTHER THINGS, FOLDABLE AND COMPACT SMARTPHONES. The two CEOs were hazy when pressed for a timeline for the impending foldable. All they mentioned was that the upcoming foldable would debut in China first, with a global release to follow.

Advertisement However, HONOR did state during its showcase in Berlin that its upcoming foldable will be released globally. It has been confirmed that it will arrive in the first quarter of 2019.

Executives from HONORs were also questioned regarding small cellphones. At least none of the more recent models don’t now have that in their repertoire. They claimed that consumers adore big screens and that this trend is likely to continue in the near future.

However, they added that we will still meet our customers’ expectations because advances in structural engineering over the past few years have allowed us to integrate larger screens into smaller device footprints.

Advertisement Therefore, HONOR plans to follow market trends, much like the majority of smartphone OEMs now in existence. Although many people certainly prefer smaller gadgets, the majority choose larger phones, so there you have it.

It would be fantastic to see more companies develop tiny phones that are as attractive as the ASUS ZenFone 9, but it doesn’t appear that will happen anytime soon. At least HONOR won’t consent to it.

Additionally, the absence of OIS on the Honor 70 was discussed. Without OIS, the HONOR 70 is shipped. There are space limitations inside the phone, according to HONOR executives. They think the Sony IMX800 pairs well with EIS as well. According to our testing, that is in fact accurate. The camera on the HONOR 70 is pretty impressive.

Advertisement Along with the design itself, HONOR wants to innovate the most with cameras. The integration of Magic OS with the company’s hardware was also identified as a highly crucial subject of focus.

The two corporate employees also talked about their intentions to open retail stores in Europe, how they would become an independent business after leaving Huawei, and a much more. The full interview contains further information about that.


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