A security business named Beyond Identity ran an intriguing poll in the US. In terms of security, 1,003 Americans were surveyed. According to this report, 36% of iOS users would consider obtaining an Android, compared to 25% of Android users who would consider getting an iPhone.

36% OF APPLE PHONE USERS WOULD CONSIDER CHANGING TO ANDROID 498 of the 1,003 Americans who participated in the survey used Apple smartphones, while 505 used Android ones. They were made up of 39% women and 61% men. Gen Z made up 17% of the sample, millennials 44%, Gen X 24%, and baby boomers 13%.

Android vs iOS phone lost Beyond Identity survey 2
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Advertisement Nevertheless, the source points out that Android customers who are thinking about switching to iOS believe iPhones to be more secure. Of course, not all of them, but that appears to be the prevailing opinion.

That is a little strange because, according to study, iOS users generally felt no safer than Android users. 76% versus 74% is a very slight difference. The source adds that iOS 16’s plenty of security improvements are luring Android users away from their older operating system. However, the stable version of iOS 16 is still not available.

IOS users pay closer attention to safety. Additionally, the survey found that iOS users are more vigilant about safety. A six-digit pin is more likely to be chosen than a four-digit one. Additionally, they are more likely to track location and employ facial recognition. The fact that iOS users misplace their phones more frequently than Android users is interesting.


Android vs iOS phone lost Beyond Identity survey
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Interestingly, despite the fact that a sizable portion of Android users would contemplate switching to Android, the survey didn’t actually provide much information about why they would do so. This study was conducted with security in mind, so that’s likely the reason.

We learn a lot about security from this poll, in fact. Some of those have already been mentioned, but the complete study contains much more details. You’ll learn how many individuals utilize voice recognition, fingerprint scanners, patterns, and other technologies.

Advertisement You may read the entire Beyond Identity report by clicking here . The outcomes are, to put it mildly, pretty intriguing.


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