The Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch OLED were the five next-gen consoles that each of the 621 survey participants had to choose from. It’s crucial to remember that the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X might be considered to be part of the same console generation. The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED could also be considered to be part of the same generation.

With some differences in user-side performance and graphic quality across all four devices, both Microsoft and Nintendo consoles play the same Xbox and Nintendo Switch games. If you’re not familiar, the Xbox Series X can play games in native 4K output while the Series S is only capable of 1440p output, which is sufficient for 1080p HDTVs and 1440p computer monitors. In handheld mode, both the Nintendo Switch and its OLED equivalent are limited to 720p resolutions (1080p when docked), however the Switch OLED has a high-contrast OLED panel that enhances game visuals.


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