You are attempting to open a DIGITIMES Research special report that is provided both a-la-carte and through End Devices Special Report Database services. If you want to go on, you must sign in. Electric vehicle (EV) production, midstream power systems, and upstream battery materials are all areas with tremendous potential that Taiwan-based firms are stepping up their efforts toward.

Foxconn is the top EV producer among the Taiwan-based vendors in these markets. Delta and Teco are two prominent power system manufacturers. Leading battery providers include E-One Moli, Phoenix Battery Corporation (PBC), Amita, and ProLogium, while Mechema and CoreMax have a well-established presence as battery material suppliers.

Foxconn has emerged as Taiwan’s leading EV manufacturer as a result of its acquisition of Yulon subsidiary Haitec and the establishment of the MIH Consortium.

Foxconn has collaborated with numerous multinational corporations, but it has also committed to precise and definite KPIs for its EV business, such as achieving NT$1 trillion in sales, a 10% gross profit margin, and a volume of 750,000 units shipped.

the contents table Foxconn
Amita and ProLogium
Mechema and CoreMax


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