Atari, which is commemorating its 50th anniversary this year, announced today that the Atari Recharged series will soon be available on Google Stadia.

STADA WILL BE HEARING FROM ATARI RECHARGED The first four games in Atari’s Recharged series will be added to Google Stadia over the course of this year, the company announced today in a press release . Among the upcoming books are:

Breakout Centipede Black Widow Asteroids In 2021, the classic games underwent remastering and were made available on the majority of other platforms, such as PC , Nintendo Switch, and others. The games, which cost $9.99, received a largely favorable response from users and reviewers.

The most current installment of the Recharged series, Gravit a r , was just released earlier this month. Future Recharged games may or may not be released on Stadia, according to Atari.

WHAT TIME DO THESE GAMES RELEASE? What do we know about these Atari games as there are many games on Stadia’s road map without confirmed release dates?

Centipede: Recharged, which debuts on Stadia on July 1, is first in line. Additionally, Centipede will be a feature of Stadia Pro. Sadly, it is the only release date we are aware of for the Recharged games; everything else is currently unknown.

However, Atari will also release the puzzle game Kombinera on Stadia in September 2022. This game is not a part of the Recharged series.
According to Atari’s news release:

This year, Stadia will host the first four titles in the AAA6 series: Centipede, Black Widow, Asteroids, and Breakout. On July 1, Centipede: Recharged will be available for purchase through the Stadia store and for free with Stadia Pro. With the addition of gameplay elements that appeal to contemporary players, such as particle effects, power-ups, co-op play, and unique soundtracks by award-winning composer Megan McDuffee, the Recharged series adapts vintage Atari games for the latest gaming gear. In addition to the Recharged titles, Kombinera, a highly regarded puzzle game, will be made available on Stadia in September.

Centipede is notably the first game from Stadia’s July 2022 Pro list that we are aware of, but the additional titles should be revealed in the next days.

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