The Starlink satellite internet system’s most potent dish from SpaceX is now focusing on household users in addition to business customers.

Residential consumers can now get either the $599 regular Starlink dish or the outrageously expensive $2,500 high performance dish according to a business update to (Opens in a new window) .

The high-performance dish debuted for the first time in February. However, at the time, it was only accessible through a brand-new Premium tier called Starlink Business, which also demanded a $500 monthly internet service fee from potential users.

Now that SpaceX is selling the high-performance dish to regular people, the $500 monthly internet price is no longer an option. In its place, customers can purchase the $2,500 dish and pay the usual $110 monthly residential price to access the internet through the dish.

The $2,500 dish appears to be targeted at customers that live in hard or rough regions, according to the business. The manufacturer claims that the Starlink support page (Opens in a new window) dish outperforms the regular dish in hot, cold, and rainy weather.

larger (Opens in a new window) larger than a typical home Starlink dish and has twice as many antennas as a regular dish, which may enable it to receive better download speeds. Compared to the typical residential tier’s predicted speeds of 50 to 200 Mbps, the Starlink Business tier currently offers expected speeds between 150 and 300 Mbps.


Even so, you can’t count on getting quicker speeds if you purchase the high-performance dish. When purchasing the $2,500 hardware, there is no mention of any speed advantages on the Starlink website. The Starlink network is likely to blame because it is already at capacity in many US cities. As a result, in cells where Starlink subscribers are already overflowing, congestion issues may slow down broadband speeds.

A few users with high-performance Starlink dishes have also mentioned on Reddit that they haven’t noticed any significant speed improvements over the more expensive hardware. At my home, a domestic Starlink is operational. I set up and tested Premium after purchasing it. They were exactly the same, only one wrote (Opens in a new window) client.

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