We could have the perfect launcher for you if you’re looking for one for your Android phone and simply adore simple ones. is a remarkably basic product. Although it is accessible through Early Access, it is available in the Play Store. In other words, the app technically has not yet entered the stable channel.

As it is not yet stable, you won’t be able to see any reviews for it. We only quickly utilized it to test it out for this article and encountered no serious problems. It was really slick and functioned very nicely.

A VERY ORGANIZED, MINIMALISTIC ANDROID LAUNCHER, STARIO This launcher has now been divided into numerous parts. On the top left and right displays, there are two panels, the homepage, and an app drawer. Let’s begin by looking at the homepage, shall we?

Advertisement You are receiving a few widgets right here. The time, date, and battery level are displayed here. They remain consistent. Below the two widgets listed above is one more widget that only appears when you launch media.

The app then shows on a dock at the bottom of the display when you activate it. There is room for up to four apps, which are always your four most recent releases. To jump between them, this can be really helpful.

You can even use a customizable feed that it has. You can customize your feed by swiping from left to right. Here, you can add Twitter accounts, news organizations, and YouTube channels. So you can find all of that information in one place. The creator offered to increase this capability even more.

Advertisement You can access your notes by swiping left to right while still on the main screen. Now, you swipe up to reach your app drawer, just like you would on a typical launcher.

Though it does have a unique appearance, the Stario Launchers app drawer. The app search area is at the very bottom of the app drawer, and the apps are listed in two different columns.

This launcher does have a really great appearance, and we can see why those of you who enjoy simple setups could find it appealing. If you want to try it out, the app URL and some official pictures are provided below.


Stario Launcher app image 1
Stario Launcher app image 2
Stario Launcher app image 3
Stario Launcher app image 4
Stario Launcher app image 5


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