Samsung always innovates to give its products a fresh look. The well-known coffee shop chain, Samsung has collaborated with Starbucks , is introducing some lovely coffee-themed cases for its Galaxy devices as part of its new marketing plan.

Along with a coffee mug cover for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 that looks simply stunning, there are other additional Starbucks cases for Galaxy devices.

Beginning on June 28, owners of Samsung Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy Buds 2, will be able to buy the Samsung x Starbucks cases.

Advertisement Speaking of the cases, they appear to fit the Starbucks concept. Starting with the apron that the coffee shop baristas wear, there are various case options available.

Additionally, a case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 is available with the slogan “Count Starts in Your Galaxy.” Owners of the Galaxy S22 Ultra can purchase a special case with a strap that, when unfolded, resembles a Starbucks receipt.

Samsung asserts that each Galaxy device’s case is made from environmentally friendly materials. One of the best examples of Samsung and Starbucks working together has to be the range of Galaxy Buds 2 cases. This partnership results in two cases for the wireless earphones.

Advertisement One is the plain green casing with the Starbucks logo on it. The other is the adorable little Starbucks coffee mug, which we have already discussed. When the case is finished, you may observe it because it has latte art.

Be aware that these cases work with other models besides the Galaxy Buds 2. Additionally, they are compatible with Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live.

All of these situations do have one significant caveat, though. What’s this? These unique Samsung x Starbucks cases for Galaxy devices are only available in South Korea, the country where Samsung is based.

Advertisement Are you jealous? Sadly, they won’t be offered for sale outside of their own nation. Additionally, since there is a limited amount, the supplies won’t last long.

The fact that Samsung asserts that all of the cases in this range are made of environmentally friendly materials is positive. Therefore, Samsung not only offers its consumers attractive items, but it also keeps in mind that it doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution.

These exquisitely crafted Samsung Galaxy cases are available from the official brand shop while supplies last.

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